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Museum Addmission

Bank Of America is offering free general addmission to over 70 museums.


One Laptop per Child

OLPC is a non-profit association that could revolutionize how we educate the world's children.


H Welcome To Our Site

This Web site is designed for families with younger children. We will share with you information on education, nutrition, toys and other topics. Younger children learn and build important skills during the course of their early years of life. Teachers may find valuable information on many subjects to help with class, including reading, writing, math, science and history. There is an array of educational opportunity for younger children at the informal level as well that we will share with you such as museums, libraries and the Internet. Informal education is also important in a child's education and includes knowledge and skills learned during the course of their early tears, including education that comes from experience. With their family, friends and teachers.

Urgent Needs

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Child development occurs between birth and the end of adolescence, and the child progresses from dependency to increasing autonomy. The optimal development of children is considered vital to society and so it is important to understand:


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We share information on charity or charitable giving of money, goods or time to the unfortunate, either directly or by means of a charitable trust or other worthy causes.

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